Live Cameras in Dulles, Virginia

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I'm sorry, but these camera images are long gone. I don't have any live cameras at the moment. If I get more, I'll put them here.

cam1.jpg 23 April 2008 20:25:16  16K bytes

23 April, 2008 20:25:16 BST 16K bytes

This picture shows the lake at Ridgetop Circle. Our building is the center building. One camera points out toward the lake, the other points toward the parking lot.

cam2.jpg  27 March 2008 20:55:16 5.0K bytes

27 March, 2008 20:55:16 GMT 5.0K bytes

About the Image

This image is not quite live. It is generated approximately once per minute. Sometimes there are network problems or other issues that prevent it from being displayed.

Our Location

We are in Dulles, VA, off of Route 7, near Dulles Town Center.

The camera is a Hawking Technologies HCN230G. Frankly, those cameras a pretty annoying. Unless you're a pretty boring Windows user with some really basic needs, they're a pain in the butt to work with. My blog about them explains what I mean.

The server that brought this to you runs FreeBSD and is hosted at FCAC's Internet co-op: Nova.Org.