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OMFG: Ports on MacOS Sucks

I wanted to do something pretty straightforward, theoretically. I wanted to install VLC from source on MacOS X. I use the MacPorts system for this. It's really similar to the FreeBSD ports system. What a nightmare.


FreeBSD and DenyHosts to help against sshd brute force

I just discovered DenyHosts, a cool little program that monitors your logs for signs of brute-force login attacks and helps prevent them. I had to fix a few different things to get it to detect all the different attacks that I experience. I like it a lot, though it makes me nervous. I travel a lot and I can see this accidentally blocking me out of my own server.


Where are the missing iPad apps?

I got an iPad 2 recently. I like it a lot. I blogged most of this from it, while sitting at a train station. Thats cool. But I'm a long-time iPhone user and I have gotten used to certain conveniences. I was shocked at the apps that were missing.

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