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All You Need to Know About Passwords: Longer is Stronger

Because I work in information security, I deal with passwords a lot. There is a really simple guide to making good passwords: longer is stronger. If you remember nothing else, simply remember longer is stronger.


We Need More Than Two Buckets for Thought

I saw a really great article called "Blue Feed, Red Feed, See Liberal Facebook and Conservative Facebook, Side by Side" on the Wall Street Journal. It has an important implicit bias that hurts us all.


PSN and Playstation Parental Controls are Totally Pointless

Playstation Network

Game developers generally ignore parental controls when they develop games. Sony permits these games to connect to PSN and to operate in an all-or-nothing mode. The parental controls don't matter because games will only play if all parental controls are disabled. This completely undermines the entire point of the parental controls. Parents get a choice: allow kids the full adult experience or allow them no experience at all.


Considering Australia’s Gun Laws


I keep coming back to the chart of Australia gun deaths. One of the interpretations of this chart i hear is "well, gun deaths were already trending down anyway." That's obviously true. But let's talk about the impact of the law.


Gun Bans and Restrictions Do Something

I get into a lot of conversations with folks about guns. To look at my blog lately you'd think its the only topic I'm interested in blogging about. I guess I'm just keeping this stuff off my friends' Facebook and Twitter feeds. This is my space and my thoughts. Anyways gun bans have value. I'm tired of that being denied.